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              Click on the clock to go back to back in time...               No Entry            Code Not Entered           Enter Code Now......              ///// / // /////// //////// // ////////// //////// //// /////              If you see the words ''Neko - Network Engine Knocked Offline'' near the top of this page after reloading or refreshing it then you have been disconnected from your wireless connection or other related temporary internet connection loss, or perhaps you are serving the file to yourself, or you have changed some settings, or do not have the right settings, have roamed out of range or another location not served, or restricted, power failure, server failure, network failure, line failure, router failure, computer error['computer'], software blurb, sabotage', malfunction, extremely rare or unpredictable and unimagined condition of circumstances, you failed to see the obvious, and is it plugged in, and turned on, powered up, booted up, and running correctly, not -malfunctioning, misbehaving, acting screwy, making a noise, or blinking, not blinking, making smoke, on fire, in a frozen state, stopped, canceled, ejected, or disconnected, perhaps you were searching for Start Page search engine, and clicked here by mistake, 'start' rhymes with 'stark', 'dart', and 'fart', among too many others, but why not, to save space, time, energy, money, resources, the universe, earth, or any place, any time, any where, any luck, satanic, god fearing, lunatic, hobo with a tin hat, cat in the ceiling, flood, hurricane, tornado, ice storm, tidal wave, tsunami, meteor explosion, impact, interference, or other natural disaster , Unidentified Flying Object, falling satellite, failing satellite, dead, satellite, satellite collision, sun outage, spilt drink or food, other substance or substances, user error, program error, hardware failure, software failure, firmware upgrade failure, clock set wrong, certificate expired, certificate not validated, invalid, keyboard or mouse failure or both, speakers not turned up, volume not turned up, have it in backwards, sideways, up-side down, in backwards, upside down and backwards, inside-out, wrong way, as the same time, at a different time, the same place or a different place, any place near, far, or in a car, train, ship, boat, rowboat, submarine, airplane, helicopter, hover craft, other form of transportation under water, in a cloud, on top a of a mountain, down in a valley, farmer feeding some cows, looking for a fix yourself, it only does it once in awhile, it is doing it right now, it looks ok but your never know, its kicked the bucket, gone blank, gone black, gone back-and-forth, fell in toilet, dropped in ocean, thrown at rabid dog, fell down man-hole, sewer leak, hail storm damage, high wind, dust storm, battery failure, loss of gravitation, magnetic field, rationality, broken rubber band, scotch tape fell off, forgot to put the thingy into the dealy, lost your mind, are being held captive, waiting for it to fix itself, broken rudder, capsized, sunk, crashed, wrecked, dog ate it, cat barfed on it, child stuck something in it, the brightness is turned down, too far up, you are blind, deaf, asleep, dreaming, half-awake, tired, drunk, sick, stoned, have a hangover, just has a seizer, bumped your head, fell down, poked your self in the eye, fell over, tripped on something, broke something, forgot something, lost something, or you took bad advice from a non-reputable representative that is no longer with the company, lost your keys, there is a huge hole in your backyard, the basement is full of water, the house is shaking, you can hear a clicking noise, the super secret government spy cam with audio and biometric monitoring has malfunctioned so please do not tell anyone where it is at or what it looks like. Everything is just fine; please stay seated, everything will be back to normal shortly.                            We are doing everyting within are power to resolve this issue.       Are others in your area experiancing the same issues as you are?              Wiggle the cable and try back later...
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Google News
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FARK - not the news
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The Daily Texan
The Austin Chronicle
Oak Hill Gazette
Slaughter Creek Reporter
Austin American Statesman
News 8 Austin
KXAN NBC News Austin
KENS 5 - San Antonio
New York Times
USA Today
The Woodward News - N.W. Oklahoma
The Oklahoman
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My High Plains - KAMR Fox News Amarillo, Texas
Texas Newspapers
Colorado Newspapers


NOAA Hourly Weather Graph / Austin
WX Ten Day Forecast
KXAN Austin Weather
Current U.S. Surface Maps
National Hurricane Center

Austin Energy Storm Center - Power Outages Map

Earthlive - State of the Planet
Gamma-ray Burst Real-time Sky Map
Space Weather


Gutenberg Project
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The University of Texas at Austin Libraries
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
Scribd - Online Documents and Books
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Startpage (is/was) Ixquick - Protect your privacy, no IP stored.
TinEye - Reverse Search Images
Freeality Internet Seach Engines
Guruji - Indian Search Engine
Scroogle - Google without tracking
Yamour - Good for finding Media
CV Gadget - Person Search Engine
NASA Advanced Search
Wiki - List of Search Engines


The Inmate Locator Lookup Find Inmates & Prisoners D.O.C. -
Warrants on the Web - Outstanding Warrants Information Travis County, Texas
Offender Search - Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Sheriff Inmate Reporting System - Travis County Texas
APD Booking Photo Database Search
National Sex Offender Registry - Family Watchdog
SpotCrime Online Crime Information - Map the latest crimes in Austin, TX with

TexasOnline - Official Portal of Texas

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Google | Gmail | News
YaHoo! | Mail
Heavens Above - Mary House
Craigs List - Austin
Mike's List
Elgan Report
Capital Metro Bus System
The University of Texas at Austin
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Austin Planetarium - Microsoft Network
Frog Soda

Coast to Coast - George Noory - Linda Moulton Howe
Enterprise Mission - Richard C. Hoagland

Prison Planet - Alex Jones
Prison Planet dot TV - Alex Jones
Infowars - Alex Jones
Infowars/AlexJones - Alex Jones
Jones Report - Alex Jones

Shepherds Chapel - Pastor Armold Murry / Bible Study Hour
Daily Readings and Psalms - US Conference of Catholic Bishops [NAB]


FARK Video
KATT Radio - Classic Rock
KLBJ Radio | AM Talk Streaming | FM Music Streaming
Yamour - World, Online Radio
LeoVille Video Feed - Pops
America Free TV - Old Movies
WWiTV - International Stations
Live Leak
Yahoo TV
TV Land
Sling - Beta
Link TV
Discovery / Amimal Planet Videos
This Day in History
News Player
Wiki - List of Video Sharing Websites
Austin Access TV - Mogulus
Austin City Council - Channel 6
Travis County Texas Live Audio Feeds - Austin Fire Dispatch and Bastrop EMS (press play!) - Best videos on the Web, suitable for all ages.

NASA TV HD Stream 12000:

See also: Playlist - Favorites.

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(copy and paste this link into the player or click for associated player) - also carries Shuttle and other Satellite Launch Video on their Webpage

Regular Webpages:
ISS - International Space Station
Space Shuttle
Spaceflight Now +HD
Satellite Tracking - Short List of Websites / Tracking and Software

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Blogs / Bad Astronomy

Austin Bergstrom International Airport Feeds:

ABIA Flight Tracks - Clicking on the Radar Area Pops a New Window from
ABIA Air Traffic Control - Search for AUS or KAUS, Select Flash to Pop a Seperate Window from


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Gibson Research Corporation - Shields Up, Perfect Passwords, and more...
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Windows Live OneCare safety scanner - Free online tool for PC health and safety


AT&T Help and Support - Show Me Help With AT&T High Speed Internet
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Microsoft Corporation
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The Tech Guy Labs - Leo Laporte 1–88–88 ASK LEO 1–888–827–5536

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