Satellite Tracking:

Heavens Above - Example: Heavens Above - Mary's House
Human Space Flight (HSF) - Orbital Tracking - NASA
Huma Space Flight (HSF) - Real Time Data - NASA
J-Pass - Preset Interface
J-Track - Astronomical Satellites 2D World Map
J-Track 3D - Renders Java 3D Globe in seperate window
Satelite Flybys - Simple Satellite Tracking from, Enter Zip or Canadian Postal Code
CalSky - Astronomical Observation and Information online-calculator

How to Spot Satellites -
Night Sky -

Satellite Tracking Software:
Orbitron - Satellite Tracking System by Sabastion Stoff

Google Earth - add the Satellite Database for Google Earth KMZ File from AGI Dveloper Network (then use planetarium Mode?)

AGI Viewer- from AGI


STK Basic, STK Professional, STK analysis modules
I used to have a set of these disks, now it looks like only the viewer can be downloaded or a 30 day free trial of SDK AGI Software & Licenses