URI Schemes / Protocalls

WARNING! Some URI calls may make strange things happen on your browser.
For Instance: You might not be able to click the back button to come back to this page after a URI call.

Common about: addresses
Mozilla-specific about: addresses
Flock-specific about: addresses
Opera-specific about: addresses
Internet Explorer-specific about: addresses
Google Chrome-specific about: addresses
Microsoft Outlook

about:hello world)

Common about: addresses
about: opera:about about:konqueror - Shows version information and copyright information
about:about jar:file:///D:/Program%20Files/Mozilla%20Firefox/chrome/toolkit.jar!/content/global/aboutAbout.html - Lists all the about: addresses
about:blank - Shows a blank HTML document
about:plugins opera:plugins - Shows the filename, MIME type, description, suffix, and status of all installed plug-ins
about:cache opera:cache about:konqueror - Shows information about the Cache Service
about:mozilla - Page from the fictional Book of Mozilla, IE Blue Screen,

Mozilla-specific about: addresses
about:bloat - Displays BloatView Output
about:blocked - Firefox 3 Malware Protection Page
about:buildconfig - Shows the arguments and options used to compile the build in use
about:cache - Shows information about the Cache Service
about:cache?device=memory - Shows individual entries in memory
about:cache?device=disk - Shows individual entries on disk
about:cache?device=offline - Gecko 1.9 or later shows individual entries for offline viewing
about:cache-entry - Shows information about a cache entry, requires parameters
about:certerror - Shows the error page used when an SSL/TLS certificate is untrusted or otherwise invalid
about:config - Interface for viewing and setting a wide variety of configuration variables
about:crashes - Firefox 3 and later Mozilla's Crash Reporter
about:credits - Mozilla Contributors / Credits
about:licence - British English localised version
about:license - Gecko 1.8 or later Mozilla Public License, Netscape Public License)
about:logo - Logo used on the about:screen
about:mozilla - Verse from The Book of Mozilla easter egg
about:neterror - error page used when the browser could not access the requested path
about:plugins - Installed Plug-ins
about:robots - Beginning with March 8, 2008 trunk builds easter egg
about:rights - Licensing Information
about:jetpack - Interface for viewing and setting the JetPack Plug-in
about:privatebrowsing - Used to switch to private browsing mode / Does not display on the address bar

Flock-specific about: addresses
about:myworld - My World Page
about:tutorial - Flock Tutorial Page
about:mozilla - Different version of The Book of Mozilla against a Blue Screen

Opera-specific about: addresses
opera:blank - Maps to about:blank
opera:about - Provides info about the browser and the configured paths
about:opera - Maps to opera:about
opera:cache - Content of the Cache
opera:config - Opera 9.0 and later to change browser preferences which cannot be accessed through normal Preferences window
opera:drives - OS specific local drives of the host system
opera:history - Content of the Browser History
opera:historysearch - Opera 9.5 and later Start Page of internal search engine for the browser history
opera:plugins - Installed Plug-ins
opera:button - Defines a custom button as a set of Opera actions when button parametresis specified as on CustomButtons
opera:help - Help Directory local or external
opera:debug - Opera 9.5 and later for changing of settings for remote debug of Opera via Opera Dragonfly -

Internet Explorer-specific about: addresses
about:mozilla - removed in SP2 can be found at res://mshtml.dll/about.moz

about:DesktopItemNavigationFailure - Navigation Cancelled Page
about:Home - User's Home Page
about:NavigationCanceled - Navigation Cancelled Page
about:NavigationFailure - Navigation Cancelled Page
about:NoAdd-ons - Information Page When Add-ons Are Disabled
about:NoAdd-onsInfo - Information Page about the Effects when you use Add-ons
about:OfflineInformation - Current Page Can Not Be Viewed Off Line
about:PostNotCached - Refresh the Current Page, Information entered in a form will have to be Re-posted
about:SecurityRisk - Tells User Not To Browse with the current security settings because they may be harmful to the computer
about:Tabs - Tells User about Tabbed Browsing, also loaded when a new tab is created if the "Open home page for new tabs instead of a blank page" setting is enabled
about:inprivate - Tells the user about InPrivate Browsing, loaded when InPrivate Browsing is initiated

Google Chrome-specific about: addresses
about:cache - Content of the Cache
about:crash - Crash Notification Page
about:credits - List of free and open source software used in the browser, and their associated licences
about:dns - DNS Records
about:histograms - Histograms
about:internets - Don't Clog the Tubes! 3D Pipes Screensaver, Does Not Work on Windows Vista
about:memory - Process Manager
about:network - Interface for Monitoring the Network Usage and Performance Statistics
about:plugins - Installed Plug-ins
about:stats - Shhh! This page is secret! Statistics About Processes
about:shorthang - Hangs the tab's process, making it become unresponsive; for testing hanging protection
about:version - version information, same as about:

about:konqueror - Friendly 'Start' and Navigation Page

Note: Any about: URI except about:blank and about:plugins redirects to about:konqueror.

about:epiphany - Quote Attributed To Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Note: Epiphany uses Gecko as its layout engine, so the general and Mozilla-specific about addresses work as in Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox, depending on which branch of Gecko is used.

about:people - similar to about:credits but redirects to Netscape Employee Listing
about:username - where 'username' is the username of a Netscape employee redirects to example: http://people.netscape.com/username
about:mozilla - easter egg
about:deutsche - easter egg
about:global - Browser History in Some Versions

Note: Any
about: URI is accepted, but only a page with a blank source is returned, as with the about:blank of other browsers.

Microsoft Outlook
outlook:today - Outlook Today Screen
about:blank -

Note: Anything else (including about:about) typed after about: will show that text as a web page in the browser.