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KimDara Directory of 2627: public

Related Documents: These files are plain ASCII text or JPEG images, word wrap may be off/on.

mj.txt - Letter to Matt.

20041211kdrdsr_secure.jpg - Scan of Certified letter from Kim's brother Kevin about the car, bracelet, and life insurance.

20041217-omaha.doc - Letter to Mutual of Omaha - Word Document with Security Features.

20041223-denton.doc - Letter to Judge Denton concerning Kim's personal property at 2627 Monarch - Word Document.

2004_usaa.jpg - Scan of 2004 Insurance Dividends.

Google Search: Austin Tazer

Emergency Protest: HPD kills man with Tazer

Demonstrators protest APD's use of tasers

1000's Demonstrate in Austin Against Bush's Inaugeration

Pictures of Wanda: Public
LaBuff Ghost - Mom two years old in the stripe shirt in Aunt Della's arms, the ghost might be in the left upstairs window. (apx. 108 people in this photograph of MoMo and PoPo's LaBuff's House/Family.)
LaBuff Ghost w/Contrast - Same Photograph with darker contrast.
Wanda the Nurse - Just after she received her R.N.
Wanda Restoration - A Restored Photograph, I had a lot of these at one time with different backgrounds.
Wanda's Icon - as a .gif file.
Wanda's Favorite Recipes - The same Recipes can also be found in a plain text ASCII file that is found at recipebx.txt.
Grandma Dugas - Raised Wanda from age 2 until she married.
Edbert 'Ed' 'Gramps' Foreman - Wanda's Step Father
E. 'Peggy' 'Gano' LaBuff-Dugas-Foreman - her Mother and Wanda Faye Dugas-Rittenhouse-Foresman-Thomas-Yarlbrough Rittenhouse' my mom.
Aunt Daisy - is Mom's Aunt (deceased).
Ray Dean Rittehouse II - Wanda's Oldest Son (deceased) Oct. 1958-March 6th, 1980 ref. Michael Angelo Virus? killed in an airplane accident Old Mexico. (see Transcript for more details)
Wanda waves from White Sands - New Mexico, also pictured are Bill Foresman and Kim Rittenhouse.
Wanda took this Photograph - Of her son Kim at the Zilker Christmas Tree December 2003.
Kim on the Moon Bridge - Photographed by his mother Wanda.
Wanda on South Congress - She had found this Donald Duck Bottle and bought it for $6 to add to her collection; also note her wearing a 'Making Cancer History for 60 Years 1941-2001' T-Shirt .
Wanda with Dr. Pepper Clock - Early 1980's

Files Not Found also believed to be at 2627 Monarch Drive were a few other beautiful full size photographs of her last visit to Mansfield Dam at Lake Travis, a few taken at Barton Creek Mall sitting on a Bench, and a few of her visiting the S.R.V. statue and Champ Hoods Rock near Town Lake. If I missed some photographs of Wanda somewhere on this site or somewhere on the web let me know...