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Directory of KimDara.com/04/

rev. 20041229

A partial list of some of the directories in progress October-December 2004:

C.C. - Files and Photographs concenrning Christopher L. Carlton 1963-2004. STATUS: LOST 2627.

2627 - Files and Documents pertaining to the period of November - December 2004 loss of Kim's personal property, passing of Kim's mother Wanda, Legal, Medical, Psychological References, and quick index to Photographs of Kim's Mother Wanda on KimDara.com.

Brad - Low Res. Scan of a Photograph of Brad the Guitar Player. This directory is temporary and the future place-holder for anything Brad related, music, photos, art, and contact information.

The S.H.A.C. - Self Help and Advocacy Center: Temporary HTML Examples (for/of) K.J. and document link(s).

Movie Clip - Austin City Limits Video link(s) added to the ACLMF-2004 webpage, the visited color is messed up (black) on this page and might not get fixed, the links will show the first time only.

Balloon - Photos of the Balloon Crash at Daren's, the CNN link seems to be a broken link, it was archived at another location and is STATUS: LOST 2627.

Wanda - Wanda passed away November 18, 2004, somebody please take her off duty? Then... Who Let Wanda Off Duty (questions)? This will get fixed eventually, it is the only way to find Momo's and Popo's Ghost. The last place saw this photograph was in Mom's Address Book on her nightstand in her hospital room #577 and Houston Nothwest Hospital the weekend before she died, I was going to show it to Aunt Della, but I forgot. I scaned it a few years ago when Mom was visiting in Austin. Where is is now? Got Copies? The Addresses and Phone Numbers would be a lot of help.

T-Bone - Photographs of 'Thad' Theodore Loftus, this directory was not indexed, so it is now here.

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