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Welcome to the Internet:

Just a few links here to get the newbies started...

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Start Pages:

Netscape - Home - Update your Netscape Browser!

MSN - Home - Default home page for dummies.
MSN - Welcome - This page runs once when you start a new windows computer.
Microsoft Windows Update - Update that old buggy software with better bugs!
Windows Media Technologies - Get the latest version of Windows Media Player.
Mircrosoft DirectX Home - Do you have the latest version of DirectX?
Game Voice - DirectX Gizmo: Bring the power of voice to your games.

Southwestern Bell - Home - Default home page for dialup dummies.
Southwestern Bell - Personal Home Page Tools - If you happen to be in Southwest Hell!

Yahoo! - "Come here Watson; I need you!"
Google - Nice Search Engine.
CNN - News!


ZDNet Hotfiles - Free File of the Day!

AnalogX - Nice set of network and music gizmos to add to your PC.

TweakUI - For more information about TweakUI read this TechTV Article.

Xteq X-Setup - Tweak your Windows Settings. Alternate Xteq X-Setup Download Site - ZDNet

Zone Alarm - Very Good Free Firewall!

Go!Zilla - Download Manager - WARNING: This is spyware and it tracks your every move.
Download Accelerator Plus - Free Download Manager, not spyware but a bit trickier to use.

WinAmp - Download Page - Cool Music Player! Don't forget to get some skins and lots of plugins!

Creative Sound Blaster - Upgrade your software on that Soundblaster Sound Card!
E-mu Soundfonts - Use with your MIDI Music.

Microsoft Download Center - Search for Mircrosoft Software.
Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Accesories - Add zoom function to right click etc.

Finjin Softare - Freeware - SurfinGuard Pro, run those executables in a sandbox!

Trillian - The Ultimate Chat Program, replace your AOL, MSN, ICQ, IRC, and Yahoo all with one instant messenger.

* Also see's - Networking and Misc. Notes.

Known Software Issues?

ATI Home - ATI TV Wonder; it's a damn wonder if it works...

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