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The Current Log:

Entry: May 15, 2001

Yeah, I know I have not written in here in a while, that's because I've been busy and have not tinkered on the site much lately. I just had to comment that one of my pics was the ''Fridge Picture of the Day'' today on Tech TV's The Screen Savers, it's the one of Kim and Jessica, only I sent in a bigger one.COOL! Besides that I've added a few icons here and there over the past couple of months. Most recently I have put up some pictures of Eeyore's Birthday Party and as mentioned the TSS-Pics both now residing on the desktop until I get tired of them. Ooops, forgot to compress any of Eeyores pics; hence the large file sizes.

I've had some trouble with the email a few times on this site, so I posted the alternate email address on the cover page and on the desktop. Yeah, I know that looks real trashy on the desktop. You know I'll change it all around again soon. Until then the cat is on the desktop and I'll put everything back in perspective eventually. Blame the cat! I touched up the cover page saying not to use enlarged fonts, so that fixes all the previous problems. It's not my fault if people have their font sizes turned up. I tried it with some software for the blind it worked just great.

And oh yeah...

Happy Mothers Day!

Entry: February 17, 2001

Hopefully I will be working on the problem of high resolution browser conflicts with the window sizes soon on this site. It was orginally done with 800 x 600 resolution, this causes browsers with a higher resolution to display some of the windows incorrectly. The main problem is that the icons shift out of the window view as they originally open. The quickest fix would seem to be to add the scroll bars back in every window, or else take up more of the screen space of the users still using a lower resolution. In any case, if I ever fix this problem in the future the spash screen will reflect the optimal resolution as it does now.

So for now just reduce your Font Size so it all fits like it's supposed to, this is easier for you to do then for me to change all the sizes of the windows. For example when using Internet explorer just click on | View | Text Size | Smaller | and that should fix most of the problems, it just will not fix every problem encountered when using a high resolution.

The talking browsers that are not equiped with java will not work on this site. Please take this into consideration when choosing a talking browser, as with any browser Java must be enabled for this site to work properly.

Entry: February 14, 2001

I started a little Austin Section, put up the Valentine Banner on the Desktop, and added this document. I feel the icons for Austin are not adiquate and need some work, but I liked the wallpaper.



The Binder Icon has been acting strang, sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not.
It always worked before, I'm sure it is not my fault.
Clear you cache and reload, it might come back.
If it does not compute, you must reboot.

Entry: March 23, 2001

Yeah so I did not fix that, I'm going to leave it just the way it is. Recently removed some icons from the desktop, does not seem to be doing anything lately so put it under links, moved Netscape Drag and Drop Demo to the Shellcase. Replaced them with Flight Information and a Dictionary Section. All of the stuff for Austin that was on the desktop cn now be found under the Austin Icon.

Just uploaded a picture of Merl to his file in Documents, the size is kind of large for the default window size, so just maximize or scoll around.

Added the Blue Tribal Band Decoration to the Desktop about two weeks ago, nobody noticed?

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